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Searching for the best email marketing web application that would definitely make your email marketing process easy, simple and more convenient?

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Everyone always starts small but by having the right resources, you’re assured of executing bigger plans.’s features are considered to be powerful enough to work for all. We know that you’re aware of what your business is about. We are only here to help you expand and grow your business.


Flack is considered a publicity agent for email marketing that you should always trust in terms of enhancing your business. To further explain how beneficial this web application is, here are the lists of some of the top features of Flack that you should be surprised of and these include the following:

  • Custom Confirmation Page
  • Autoresponder
  • List Segregation

  • Email Verification
  • Email Subscription form
  • Mass Newsletters Sending

Advanced Analytics towards Helping Your Business Grow

Flack’s helps your business grow due to the advanced features of reporting that you can always access anywhere you are. Monitor email activities and action with detailed reports of how subscriber are responding to you email Campaign.

This is just a manifestation that you can always learn, optimize and refine your entire ad and email campaigns to let your business grow beyond what you expect. This is also the reason why more and more business owners in these days are already showing their great interest with Email Marketing

  • Task management
  • Support 24/7
  • Real time status updates

  • Scheduling
  • Payment metods
  • Modern layouts